Suneeta Chouhan

Age 25
Height 5'6
Dress Size 8
Bra Size 10C
Hair Color Dark Blond
Eye Color Black

maintain a conversation and demonstrate competence. At the same time, the companion emphasizes the status and solvency of the businessman due to external attributes that are present in her image: stylish things from famous fashion designers, expensive jewelry, gadgets of the latest models. Girls working in agencies designed to support premium customers, are able to filly manage the situation, initiate conversations on any topic and focus on the smallest details. Often businessmen who use escort for the first time do not even expect such a range of services and highly appreciate their companions. Going on vacation, you can also order elite escort and break the stereotypes that have developed over the years, similar trips with wives and mistresses.

Time Rate
1-Hour $800
2-Hours $1500
5-Hours $3500
12-Hours (overnight) $6000

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